9mag is key of creation
Our Story
9mag is key of creation

9mag is love and passion for tattoos 

Saeid afza(S.E.A.N) is the tattoo artist and founder of 9mag. he grew up in Kermanshah, Iran, and moved to Denmark to attend Baruch College. That first year as an immigrant, his desire for artists to live and practice rights became essential. his passion for the city’s flourishing tattooing scene and love of tattooing quickly caught up with him.

Reading about the numerous outstanding artists and drawings, SEAN decided to make art an important part of his life.   all the while learning and inventing creative recipes to jazz up a basic bowl of tattooing


sean finally leaped and become a self employed artist on June 24th, 2021, offering nearly 5 signature styles of tattooing and various styles. he has revolutionized typical assumptions about tattoos by showing people that it is anything but criminals!

some people named sean  “the machine”  . he enjoys working with people and other artists to get people excited about the unlimited possibilities of tattoos

Additionally, he has been featured in an array of wide-reaching local and national publications such as Acu ink, Homeward bound, beauty ink, Los hermanos.

Sean lives in the West of Copenhagen and continues to enjoy and be inspired by  City’s art and shops because the first tattoo shop is here.

and becoming one of the best tattoo artists.


9mag always try to develop what customers have in mind with 

art and beauty of tattooing to make quality long last tattoos.

Selection of materials

9mag always use the best of best products for example best needles 

in the market, best inks, all quality stuff


always my self as artist want to be sure of the process and take my time to do a good job , besides my skills and good contacts with my costumers

Quality Assurance

we always give free custom design and offer free touch-ups , and my self as an artist stand beside of my tattoos